Did You Know Dryer sheets aren’t just for freshening up laundry?

Here are some alternative uses:

  1. Deodorizer: Place a dryer sheet in your shoes, gym bag, luggage, or drawers to keep them smelling fresh.
  2. Dust Repellent: Rub a dryer sheet along baseboards, furniture, or electronics to repel dust.
  3. Pet Hair Remover: Use a dryer sheet to easily remove pet hair from furniture, clothing, and car interiors.
  4. Static Remover: Rub a dryer sheet on clothing, hair, or brushes to reduce static electricity.
  5. Bug Repellent: Keep mosquitoes and gnats away by placing dryer sheets in outdoor seating areas or tucking them into pockets during hikes.
  6. Cleaning: Wet a dryer sheet and use it to clean soap scum off shower doors, polish chrome fixtures, or wipe down blinds.
  7. Freshen Books: Place a dryer sheet between the pages of stored books to keep them smelling fresh.
  8. Car Freshener: Put a dryer sheet under car seats or in the trunk to combat stale odors.
  9. Iron Cleaner: Run an iron over a dryer sheet to remove any gunk or residue.
  10. Trash Can Odor Absorber: Place a dryer sheet at the bottom of your trash can to help neutralize odors.

With a bit of creativity, dryer sheets can serve many purposes beyond just softening clothes!

Small Tips can bring big savings over time, and add even value to you home.