We Offer a $300.00 Referral Fee to any Licensed Realtor®


We Offer a $300.00 Referral Fee to any Licensed Realtor® to refer us a client we sign up for Property Management Services.We GUARANTEE to Return The Referred Client Back to the Referring Realtor® When That Referred Client Sells their property.

At the Trinity Team, we provide a variety of services including full service property management, video marketing, tenant screening, repairs and innovative technology in the Colorado market.

We strive to offer common sense property management solutions using the most modern techniques available.


Use the form below to refer a client for property management services:


Once the form is completed, Save, Download & Email to [email protected]


The Trinity Team agrees to pay the referring agent’s brokerage a one-time fee of $300.00. This fee will be paid to the referring agent’s brokerage once the home is rented and under a current management agreement.


We recommend that the referring agent prepare the owner for a phone call from our office so our initial introduction will go smooth. Send them to our website at: