As the business development spokesperson for Trinity Team Property Management and the first connection most owners have, it’s my job to share what the current rental market looks like. Often, it’s an owner’s first exposure to the various ins and outs of the rental process and procedure. For Trinity Team the market has been stable with referrals steadily flowing in as usual. What we have seen change is the decline of insanely high and multiple offers on agent listings. In the first quarter or so agents experienced 10-15 offers on a home for sale. As of today, the market has returned to a more ‘normal’ market for sellers and buyers. However, some owners did not expect to have their home listed for sale for more than a week before it had multiple offers to choose from. Our property management division is now listing homes for rent that sellers just don’t want to sit on any longer. I’m often asked how long it takes to procure a qualified tenant. The answer can vary according to holidays and winter weather. Typically, we secure a tenant in about 7-10 days in the spring and summer. Winter months are still successful with the average marketing time increasing to 30 days at times. We’re really happy that we can be a resource for agents and clients who need our services to alleviate the stress that can come with a vacant property.

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