Helpful hints to keep your home fresh and organized this month while you plan for warmer days ahead.

  1. Spiff Up the Paint:

    • Assess interior and exterior paint for touch-ups or a fresh coat if needed.
    • Consider adding an accent wall for a quick room transformation.
  2. Redo the Laundry Room:

    • Declutter and organize laundry supplies.
    • Consider adding storage solutions or updating the room’s decor.
    • Check for any plumbing issues or leaks.
  3. Clean Dryer Vents:

    • Remove lint from dryer vents to prevent potential fire hazards.
    • Check for any blockages and clear them.
  4. Clean Refrigerator Coils:

    • Turn off the refrigerator and vacuum or brush the coils to improve efficiency.
    • Wipe down the interior, check for expired items, and organize the contents.
  5. Clean Your Sump Pump:

    • Inspect and clean the sump pump to ensure proper functioning.
    • Test the pump by pouring water into the pit to see if it activates.
  6. Flip Your Mattress:

    • Rotate or flip your mattress to promote even wear and extend its life.
    • Consider adding a mattress protector for added longevity.
  7. Look for Leaks:

    • Check for leaks in various areas of the home, including:
      • Under sinks
      • Around toilets
      • Near water appliances (dishwasher, washing machine)
      • In the basement or crawl spaces

Remember to prioritize safety and follow proper procedures for tasks involving appliances or potential hazards. If you’re not comfortable performing certain tasks, consider hiring professionals for assistance. Regular maintenance helps prevent larger issues and keeps your home in good condition.